Teenage tehelka #3

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Teenage tehelka #3


Hello friends,

This time before saying or suggesting anything I want you guys to answer my questions. Answer honestly!

Do you feel sometimes feel that you are good for nothing?

Do your friends make you feel like a misfit in their group?

Do you fear taking up challenges?

Do you feel that others are better than you?

Well if your answer to all these questions is yes then don’t worry. It happens. Many times we find people around us more happening and better than we are. We fear to participate in any competitions as we are not confident.


Well, I have seen many such cases. I know a guy in my neighborhood who loves dancing but he never participates in any activities as he feels that everyone will make fun of him. Similarly, there is a girl in my class who is chubby and chirpy. Her favorite pastime was eating. But now she has almost stopped eating as she wants to lose weight. That too because others mock at her.

C’mon guys stop living for others, live for yourself. after all ‘Kuch to log kahege, logo ka kaam hai kehna'(people will always find some or the fault in you.it is their favorite pastime.)


Why so negative?

1) “It is not easy, I am not as talented as they are.”

It happens many times that you feel that you are a misfit in your class. You consider everyone superior to you. But don’t forget that we all are god’s creations and he has made everyone special and unique. All the people in the world, even the biggest losers have some talent but it is just that you have to discover your talent.


2) Everyone mocks at me

I guess after this you will declare that I am a big fan of Rajesh Khanna but guys trust you must hear the song ‘Kuch to log kahege’. You really need that. Tell me when was last time when you did something you wanted and not in the pressure of being mocked at?

A day or two ago my family was discussing the color of the new color.I suggested green cocktail and I heard the most famous dialogue of the society “char logo dekhege to kya khage”(what will people say?)

Guys, I know I am being repetitive but you must live for yourself.it is high time we compress our desire for the sake of those four people( If I find them surely they will not be spared.


3) Sphere of problems

“My life is about surviving not living

I am not worth anything that is my feeling.”

This is what 16-year-old Mahika told me. She wanted to opt for arts and develop a career in sports but he parents forced her into medical as they want to see her as a doctor.

I know sometimes it is difficult to pursue your dreams or fight the situation but that definitely doesn’t mean to give up. Smile and face the problem one day even life will get tired and give up testing you.


4) No one likes me

“Those bad people.” That is your feeling by the end of the day when you find people around you are rude /ignorant /  or make fun of you. But the problem is not with them it is with YOU.people tend to look at you the way you look at yourself. If you yourself feel inferior then why will anyone else respect you?


What do I do now?

There is some very simple mantra to feel good about yourself.

  1. Believe in yourself

God made everyone, you were not dropped from somewhere in the sky. Also, god knows his works well so stop blaming him for everything. Instead spend that time discovering and improving yourself. Everyone have their own strengths and weaknesses. Accept yourself the way you are and believe that whatever your life is like all is well.


2) Don’t be a chep

You are not here to hang around people like you are their assistant or something. C’mon man have some self-respect. Make friends not masters.


3) Don’t be a Bechara

Stop seeking for sympathy everywhere by telling everyone your sad stories. They may help you once, twice but then they will get irritated. Stop feeling that you have got all the problems in the world. Stop pampering and pitying yourself. Everyone have problems. It is their way to solve it and positive outlook that keeps them happy. They smile and face it.so be positive, not bechara.


4) You are not alone

All of us at some point or other underestimate ourselves. So, don’t think why it happens only with me etc. Etc. All these family problems, fights with friends are common in everyone’s life. Everyone face these even all those perfect one you see.


5) Do not imitate, be yourself

Imitation is suicide if you want to live to be yourself. Revolution brought change in human looks and nature but one trait still match our ancestors (monkeys) and that is imitating. Look you are perfect the way you are. Imitating only makes you look stupid.so be yourself. Everyone have their own personality.


6) Don’t worry

‘Worrying is like roaming around with an umbrella and waiting for it to rain. It will not take away your tomorrow’s problems but definitely your today’s peace. Come on worrying that I will make mistakes and get tensed is stupid. Even elders make mistakes after all life doesn’t come with instructions. So learn from your mistake instead of mourning over them.


7) Celebrate!

Every small achievement matters. Set small goals, achieve them and then give yourself a small treat.  This will make you happy and you will feel more confident about yourself. Every time you do something good you expect appreciation. If no one else appreciates you do praise yourself.


8) Love God, love others but most importantly love yourself

Every time somebody tries to let you down tell yourself that if not the best but you are still better than the rest.

This is a selfish world if you want to survive then you must learn to love yourself. What do you say, guys?


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