The social network.

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The social network.

Yesterday I saw my mother writing to a diary. She has a pile of them in her cupboard and she gets really mad if we touch them. The 80s child ❤ but the kids today have a new place to write their feeling down, Facebook. And mind you, they get really mad if nobody reads.


Well, let me welcome you to 2016 where we have real life zombies following the wifi network brainlessly and They have a social network which lives for them.


Are they sick? Are they winning awards? Are they going for a vacation? Everything and anything is now a facebook status. We have become our own paparazzi. Living a life which is far from real. We are going ahead expressing our feelings to a bunch of friends we don’t know beyond facebook. We are trusting the faces, we have never really seen, all in the name of being social.


You know the only thing that can never be deleted completely? Feelings? No, data!

Deleting that picture from your profile and you think it’s gone forever, you have no idea how many of your trustworthy friends already saved it. Once you put it out there it is never really gone.


We have seen uncountable no. Of crimes generated from our dear facebook. Was it morphing pictures of a girl who committed suicide later or a robbery that took place because the owner was stupid enough to tell his facebook friend that he was not home.


Facebook has given our lives a negative touch at all the edges. We are more prone to envy, peer pressure and even depression. The cases of depression have immensely grown in the last few years. The man who commented lol on your post was not necessarily laughing. The pressure to have a big friend list and a lot of likes has spare none.

The word privacy is eliminated from our life. And trust me facebook is no better than a pack of cigarettes. It is addictive, it makes you feel better for a while but it is slowly killing you. Stalking has reached all new heights. However many privacy locks you have, it is never enough to save you from the creepy eye on a phone screen rooting for you.

Nothing here is a secret. Not your life, not you

Pragati Verma


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