The Red Dress

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The Red Dress

“Stop it.”, he stood straight near her chair.

“And what am I supposed to stop?” She turned around him keeping her mug on the table.

He lowered and brought his face in front of her to get the perfect eye contact, “Hacking into my dreams.” 

She turned all pink and stole away her eyes as she kept on laughing. She picked up her mug and took a sip as he sat on the chair in front of her. She looked out of the window still blushing as he stared at her with broad eyes and an amazing smirk.

“What?” She said with an annoyed face.

“What?” He made a stand for his face with his hand and asked playfully. 

“Stop staring at me like that.” she stood up to leave. He held her hand in the perfect heroic mode. She didn’t look back, such was her stubbornness. 

“Exactly what you said in the dream.” he stood up from the chair and walked towards her. 

Her curiosity finally kicked in and she asked, “What?” 

A loud thud broke their moment and it started raining. A cool breeze touched their faces as they both looked out of the window. He took out his phone and played a romantic song and offered her a dance. She placed her hand on his and he dragged her towards himself with a jerk. She laughed as they danced. After getting tired of the dance they once again sat down on the table to pick up the conversation from where it was left. 

“You remember the red dress you were head over heel for last time we went out. Well, you were sitting in front of your dressing table, putting on your earrings. They perfectly complemented that dress you were wearing.” she listened carefully and laughed at the way he narrated his little dream.

“I was standing at the gate. Awestruck by your beauty. When you noticed and asked me to stop staring. Then I made my step towards you, I kept my head on your shoulder and held you by your waist and in your ears, I whispered, “Stop looking so pretty.” To this, you turned back and …”

“And what?”

“Amm you could not handle such an amazing boyfriend and you lost your control.” he said naughtily. She picked up a pen and threw it at him. He laughed as she kept beating him. He waited for her to calm down and offered her a glass of water. And then from beneath the table, he took out a box and asked her to unwrap it. She opened it and found a really pretty red dress in it. 


He stood and went to stand behind her. He leaned to her ears and said, “it’s not what you are thinking. I am sorry I couldn’t get you that right now. But I tried to bring something which can compensate for that.” She looked at him with teary eyes and said, “this is the most beautiful dress I have ever received.”

Pranav stole away his eyes and walked out the door. He didn’t want her to see the tear coming up in his eyes. She kept looking in his direction, knowing why he left. She looked at the dress. It didn’t have any rich tags but still was really precious for her.

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