The empty cup

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The empty cup

She poked the spoon in the cup full of ice cream in anger. This time, this moment enraged her. She was in a habit of roaming out alone, eating without company and just wander through the unknown streets. But this time all this was not out of choice. She told herself each moment that staying away from people will fix her but just could not stop her cravings for her people.

“May I?” he pointed towards the chair next to her as he expressed the desire to share a table with her. She noticed him a tip to toe. Nicely brushed hair, White shirt partially tucked in the light brown pants, boat shoes. She gave a nod to the dressing sense and then noticed the book in his hand. A book she longed to read. She was fascinated by the bag of charm but she cannot just indulge in a conversation with this stranger.

“Do I know you?” she asked with a mild smile.

“well, the name is Raghav, freelancer writer, interested in people who let such expensive ice creams melt and not have a bite.” , he said without any interval. She broke into laughter.

“You may.” she directed him to sit down.

“So what are doing here alone? Waiting for someone?” he showed interest.

“No, no one to wait for.”, her pain reflected in her voice but the smile remained intact. He saw an inspiration in her already.

“Oh well, so that is why you are making the ice cream suffer! Cruel lady.” he snatched the cup from her and took a bite. “am, amazing! Yummy it is. You want some..mam?”

She stared at him in shock and then started to laugh again.

“Priya, my name is Priya and I write style blogs.” she introduced herself.

“And I thought you were checking my hotness out while you must be busy giving me numbers based on the shirt and the trousers and the colour”

He made her laugh with his wit for the next 20 minutes. They talked about politics, places, books, weather and what not. No one could say they met each other mere half an hour ago. But then came the time to say goodbye. She stood up and gathered her stuff. She thanked him for the wonderful time as she was leaving.

“amm, priya..”, he called out from the back. “Have you tried the sundae here?”

“No”, she said with a slight curiosity.

“I come here every Wednesday around this time.” with that, he blushed a little as he sought an answer.

“I would love the chocolate sundae.” she smiled as she turned away and walked out.

The empty cup of ice cream lied on the table. It filled the voids of loneliness in her heart and started an unexpected journey of her life


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