The due

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The due

My wait is for you

My patience never cried

My love is for you

I cant hate you even if I tried

My anger at your deeds grew everyday

But for your one hug I would keep everything at bay

I creeped for your love, since the day I turned teen

But in your blessings I was hardly seen

You accepted a stranger more than me

It hurts; see through my eyes if you could see

I was a nutshell who boasted high

The reason was you never heard my cry

I try hard each morning to hate you

But at nights I cry for my due

The problem now is my love not your hate

I have accepted that your love is not in my fate

I wish I could just go away from you

So far that I would forget about any of my due

– Pragati Verma


  1. nishtha sharma
    June 27, 2015

    my watsapp are alive cozz of uh pariii;;; n ur poemsss ;):):*:*:*

    • nishtha sharma
      June 27, 2015

      watsapp statusss:p:0

    • Pragati
      March 24, 2016



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