The Better half

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The Better half

“You are way too good with words.”

“Always have been.”, she tenderly smiled.

He sat down next to her and placed his drink on the table. Unlike her he was not very good with words and so he kept staring at her with a smile. He knew well she had a little quality. She understood people. You don’t need to put all your emotions in words in front of her, she just knew. And that is how she knew how hurt he was. He pulled out his strongest face, did everything he could to convince the world how little he cares and everyone believed his little stunt. But she never did.

“You always knew I will come back?”,she looked a little fragile.

“You have an obsession of holding onto people, however hazardous. But I still don’t know what took you so long?”

She reached out for his hand as she bit her dry lips. After taking a long deep breathe, she looked at him said,

“I was scared.”,her eyes started watering as she still held a brave and pretty smile.

“I failed you. I was the one who was always, always supposed to fix everything. It was just expected of me after all these years but that night I was the one who… I have always believed I have enough right in all of yours life that I can scold you sometimes, be angry on others and sometimes even being unreasonable is allowed. But that night I was beyond all this and when a week later I woke up to the regret of not seeing you around anymore, it killed me. For I was the one who was supposed to take an arrow for you and not point one in your direction. Sometimes we do things we are not proud of. When I looked out for you, you already had your walls up so high, I was scared I will never be able to break them.”

“Then why now?”

“Because I want to be able to text you at 3am and complain how cold my ice cream is. And sometimes I still want to cry about my ex boyfriend even though he was creepy and weird. And you know I still need someone who would tell me that I can try to look as strong as I want to but he knows that inside I am just bigggg cry baby with a list of never ending tantrums. I want someone who would understand all this.”

His smile reached up to his ears. He looked down for a moment to just reminiscence all the good, bad and weird times they had together.

She got down to her knees to meet his eyes and continued,

“The fact that you are not around anymore is playing my power to have faith. I was never really the kind of person who believed in ‘forever’. I made friends, I did my best to keep them but somewhere I always knew that someday, somehow it will end. But then I found you, a person who would start crying at the mere thought of parting ways someday. You told me ‘forever’ exists and that I should believe in it. And now that I know it exists, I want it. I cannot live in a world where you are not talking to me, not anymore.”

She kept staring deep into his eyes as she poured out her heart. He helped her stand up and then he simply pulled her in a hug. If she was good with words, he was good with actions. She just smiled as she was comfortably wrapped in his arms. Afterall, what is a best friend worth if not a warm hug.

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