Teenage tehelka #2

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Teenage tehelka #2


Desperate hearts, disturbed minds, sleepless nights

They all have become part of life

Those carefree days now seems to be over

Our dream to grow up now proves to be horror

I told you earlier how I hated the concept of being ‘cool ’. Enough of hatred so this time let us talk about love- ‘TEENAGE LOVE’. A beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Inspired by many of the blockbuster romantic movies, we are really desperate to experience this ‘love’ thing.

‘People’ (the grownups) keeps on telling us that teenage is the period of attraction and infatuation which is mistook as love by ‘us’ (immatures). These are distractions that we must overlook. Really? Dear ‘people’ didn’t you have any such feelings or something in your teenage life?

Well, the thing is that somewhere I know that they are right but that bug inside my head doesn’t let me listen to them. I am trying to follow what they have been telling me but there are pretty many reasons for us to get distracted


I know I have been warned a hundred lot of times but it is not enough as at the end of the day even I am a curious teenager and want to know why everyone is so fascinated by this GF-BF thing. Is it really like some Shahrukh-Kajol type of thing? A Karan Johar movie? There is a certain curiosity to know how it feels like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. But then I see people crying because of an unwanted or desired break up. And I feel like staying away from this maniac. Still, I cannot throw that stupid and curious bug out of my mind.


I know I just now said that I would like to maintain distance from this so called love but that simply doesn’t mean that I never had any crush. Even I used to have butterflies on seeing the ‘populars’. Even I used to gossip with my best friend how the new guy in the class seemed prince charming to me. How the guy in other section fascinated me. But I knew that it will not lead me anywhere. I have to stick to my decision.  Well, right paths are difficult to walk on but they are destined to happiness.


3) PRESSURE (you get it in many ways)

  • Keeping up that cocky image

“If you think you are so beautiful then why don’t you have any boyfriend?” That one line and you are out to get a boyfriend (even if you are not at all interested) just to show everyone that you are not a nerd and you can get whatever you want. Why can’t you simply reply “that’s because to prove myself I don’t need assistants around.” Live on your terms guys. How can these people who are born to criticize you (thinking of them to be the most perfect person alive and the biggest critics too) to irritate you can control your life and put you in something not good for you or not desired by you? Try and understand they are jealous of you and want to bring you down.

  • Why not me? (Fear of being tagged ‘uncool’)

“Oh everyone has, so why not me.” Firstly, stop referring it as if its something which is being sold in the market and everyone is like “mujh bhi chaiye. kitne ka diya bhaiya?” (even I want it. What is the cost?) C’mon guys! Grow up! And now the answer to the question “why not me?”.

Because my dears you are perfect the way you are. Two wrong cannot make a right. If everyone is doing it that does not mean that it is right. The fear of being outcasted because you are not following what everyone is doing is common. It brings a pressure of doing what you actually don’t want to. But guys don’t forget there are many stars in the sky but a single moon outshine them all. Set your own paths and people will fall into your footprints.

  • Peer pressure

Your friends are the ones who can make you or break you. The pressure from peers is the reason for many of the people to fall into things they don’t want to. Staying in the group and avoiding being underestimated by friends – are they justifying reasons for you to follow the things you dislike? If they will leave you just because you have a different opinion or you are not interested in all this then I am really sorry to say that they are not your true and worthy friends.

  • Losing friends

The most dreadful pressure is of losing friends. It gets messy when one of your ‘very close friend’ suddenly turns up some morning saying ‘I Love you’ and you surely not seeing the person that way get tensed that if you will tell them the truth it will cost a friend who means a lot. But guys a friend is the one who understands you and supports you at every point if they cannot understand your little point and can’t respect your feeling then time in again I am sorry to tell you that they are not your friends.



Well, it is not a crime to fall in love, it is not a sin to have a caring person to hold your back but the question is if keeping them above everything is worth it? A romance created midst two people, unknown to the challenges of real life, can that thrive?

Well, friends, I think there is a time for everything and we must listen to what our elders tell us because it is for our own good. What do you think? I would love to know your opinion.


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