Teenage Tehelka #1

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Teenage Tehelka #1


Teenage is the most passionate and courageous phase of life.” that is what we have always been told about teenage. It is the time to mould ourselves and shape our futures. But it all seemed confusing and crazy as I entered my teenage. Here being courageous meant winning immoral bets, arguing with teachers and disobeying elders. Being passionate was all about chatting and texting.

We may or may not accept but our priorities, interests, and passions suddenly change as we enter this phase when we are neither considered children nor adult but we take fascination in being both. We suddenly find ourselves being exposed to the fear of being hurt; of being outcasted and being tagged as ‘uncool’. We all want; sorry we all actually demand a typical ‘Yash Chopra’ kind of life. We all see that one guy in class; the coolest and peppiest one as the ‘hero’ and that one girl with all the good looks and luck is considered the ‘heroine’. They, the ‘populars’ as they are being categorized, who seems to be so sure about themselves, who seem so cocky and conceited are often the most afraid and unhappy about what they are they have the pressure of keeping up the image and cannot share their ‘real feelings’ with anyone. They struggle the most as they are tagged as ‘cool’ which now means feeling less to me and many other teenagers. But why people always forget that the so called ‘populars’ also do possess an organ called heart which has feelings and emotions as any geek might have.

I had big dreams, I thought of a great beginning in my teenage but it was quite disheartening as everything turned out to be opposite of what I planned. I was distracted. And yes there were some genuine reasons and people behind it. It was all mind-gobbling to me when some of my closest and sweetest friends turned against me. People began to blame me for the things I have not done. They started gossiping about me. I was bold enough not to be tamed but somewhere it hurts to what people think of me. I had that goody-good image in front of the teacher and was a fun loving girl among friends. That made them even more jealous. They claimed that I was double faced. All these things irritated me but I carried on. Yet somewhere there was that one feeling of going back to those good old times when the day started with mom dressing me up as a fairy and ended with a fairytale………..

So guys what do you think is bitching about somebody just because you don’t like them is fine?  I think in place of bitching one should try to show their talents and prove that they are no less. That won’t harm anyone you see


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  1. Mira
    July 25, 2016

    I was struck by the honesty of your post.


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