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And once again I was sitting in my chair talking to my best friends. It was quite useless though because the only thing they could do for me was to back me; but the decision, it had to come from me.

I remember two years ago the situation was same and I was incapable of choosing things for myself. I felt my body getting cold. I was scared, not of making a wrong decision but not being able to make a decision. The price of not knowing what you want is never getting it. And I already know the cost. So this time whether right or wrong I want to take a decision at least.

The question I stand on is what matters more – reputation in society, a big nose or your dreams. Stepping out of the league makes you prone but what if you are not made for the league? What if the only thing you will do by walking with the crowd was to die in a stampede? What if the thrones of the outer league are to protect the pursuit of happiness that belongs to you?

I know very bluntly you will tell me to follow my dreams because that is what sounds right and courageous. But then I can’t go with some mere voices because you don’t share my risks. I am responsible not only to earn my bread but also to build myself a reputation. And that is the first compromise I make as I step out of the league because reputation in our country is directly proportional to Sharma ji’s son, or to explain better the degree I hold. When did reputation scales get that low that they started killing dreams? Whenever it was that must have been the darkest time for humanity.

The norms we have in our society, where everybody needs a lawyer or doctor, how will the artists survive? I don’t know why parents ask their kids to dream, why they admit them in music and dance schools, why they promote them to join sports when they are so sure their child is not Arundhati Roy, Lata Mangeshkar or Sachin Tendulkar. When they have already set a boundary for them, then why tell them they can fly? When there is no sky, then why let them breathe something as useless as a dream? Stop them there! because otherwise one day they will be crying over a cup of coffee in front of their best friend not being able to choose over their dreams.



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