Nouveau jour

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Nouveau jour


“why is not easy?” her tears were visible as they sat on the rim of her swollen eyes. She looked straight at her best friend’s face who didn’t have any answer to her questions.

He came in her with a bag full of surprises. He made her happy. After long she wore a genuine, painless smile. But then he was not the man of his words. Like everyone, he too came, said many things, made many promises but never stayed. The wounds were deeper this time. He made her dream when she was least willing to and then shattered her castle of dreams with his spineless act. He ditched her.

She closed her eyes and the tears went down. All she did in the last 43 hours was crying, sobbing and missing him. It broke her. Her best friend hugged her and tried to comfort her. Even though she knew her words were not good enough to heal her but she didn’t have any other remedy.

“It is difficult because you make It.”, said a known voice. She looked up and found her sister standing there.

“it is difficult because you love him and he don’t.”, she took a deep breath and sat next to her.

” it is not difficult because he left, it is difficult because you didn’t.  because you are still standing there, unwilling to move.” she lifted her face and made an eye contact, “what is it giving you? pain! a lot of it.”

“I can’t walk out however I may try, he comes back. you know what, our hearts don’t know the meaning of lies, neither from him nor me. It won’t understand that he lied. It would still keep the hope up that he loves me; that someday, for at least a moment he wasn’t lying.”

Her tears won’t stop. No one had any more words. She loved him and so everything that they did was futile. They left her alone so her duel with herself leads to some conclusion. Everyone knew that the only person who could help her, was her!

She drank the whole glass of water kept on her bedside and rested her head on the pillow. She was tired. Her eyes pained. She closed her eyes and was asleep in no time.

The next morning, sun stroked directly on her eyes. She tried to stop the bright rays with her hand. She woke up and smiled at the sun. It was indeed beautiful. She got out of her bed and walked out of her room. There she saw her little nephew playing with his sister. She could not help but smile. She went to the washroom and saw herself in the mirror. The sleep did her good. Her eyes were less swollen. She splashed cold water on her face and her skin felt alive. She touched the mirror as if she wanted to cherish herself. She recognized her smile. It immediately made her teary. She realized she was beautiful, even in her pains; That life was beautiful, that behind this door she had her people, That someone as spineless as him can’t break her castle of dreams.

She went out with a smile and she saw how happy everyone was to see her smile, she turned to the sun and said,

“IL Est un nouveau jour”
(it is a new day)


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