In our times…

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In our times…

Half of my conversations with my parents lead to the phrase ‘ hamarey zmaney mai’ (in our times.) They have so many stories to share, so many good habits we can adopt, a lifestyle too different from ours, we the 90s kids. But you know what is worth wondering? What will our ‘in our times..’ be.

Imagine sitting in front of you is your 18-year-old child, ready to listen about the good in your times. I think I will start with telling him about the friendships in our times. Yes, ours is the time when stability bumped into social networking and wrecked its leg. It’s a difficult time to be friends but still I have a number of shoulders I can cry on. I have had bad friendship experiences too but I have too much good in my life to complain. I will tell him, you will meet few temporary people in life, they will really hurt you but in the end, you will find your people and you will be ok.

The second thing I would want to tell him is that it is ok if our thoughts don’t meet every time. In our times, we had more conservative parents, we too had feuds with them. It’s natural! Your age, your surroundings, my age, my times they can’t match and they don’t need to. If you are really right, I would give in after a while. If you are not, you will realize.

What I choose next makes me feel like it’s my mother speaking. I want to talk to you about the mistakes you make. In our times, we made a lot of mistakes. We grew up messing around each day. But understand, You came in this world, grew up with our value system lingering in you slowly and I have faith in you but still, whenever I will see you step on the wrong path I will try to stop you. It’s not that you always have to commit a mistake to learn, you can learn from watching and listening too. Trust me, I am your mom! (Got too deep into that.)


But still, if you happen to do something wrong, come back home and tell me about it. Maybe I will mad, maybe I will scold you, but trust me, I will be there for you. You will never be abandoned. In our times, I learned this very well that nothing is as important as family.


You know there are bad things in our times too, teenagers are smoking, the word ‘love’ is no more used right, lust  have a lot of buyers, money dominates friendships, The phobia of commitment was born in our times; but we got through all this and so, however, good or bad your time is, just know you will get through and you will get better.


Pragati Verma


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