His perfection

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His perfection

“you remember when..?”, nostalgia striked. His presence didn’t hurt her anymore or maybe she was good at pretending. she dug up all the good moments she had with him. All these years helped her to have a realm of her emotions. she held back her tears but he noticed her sparkling eyes. He wondered how much time changed her. He looked away as he tried to relate this girl to the one he knew, his first girlfriend. she never lied to him be it what and today even her presence was a lie. He couldn’t say anything. He knew it was him who did this to her.

“where are you lost?”, she clicked her fingers in front of his eyes. “you still hate the radio.”, she laughed as if it didn’t hurt her. But he couldn’t laugh. ok, he disappointed her, he broke her heart, he wasn’t good enough but he loved her. He had a beautiful span of time by her side, something he wouldn’t ever regret.

she noticed his tiny heartbreak, “hey, I was kidding.” she still hates his frown as much as she did back then. Both of them stayed in silence for the next few moments. She wondered if even once he tried to look back and he regretted that he didn’t. The silence started to wrench their souls. they couldn’t look at each other anymore.

He stood up to go away when she said in a crackling voice, “and your habit of walking away in the middle.” tears found the way out of her eyes. her disappointment more relevant than ever. she looked at him expecting an answer at least now, after so many years. but like always he didn’t have any answers. He walked away!

she pressed her lips tightly, so her sobs get unheard. she wiped her tears and collected her stuff. she stood up to leave when someone grabbed her wrist. she closed her eyes to comfort herself a little. she turned back to look at him. her eyes fell on his wrist, he wore the watch she gifted him. She was a little happy that he still had the stuff she gifted him. and then she looked at his face. His eyes, comparable to a little innocent infant. His nose, which was still a little funny and his lips, which she still wanted to kiss. she took a deep breath to console herself. she then looked down and waited for him to say something.

He gathered his courage and mentally rehearsed his line, “I met so many girls after you. but none of them could ever compare to you. you, you were my angel! my first love, my first kiss. and as I said back then I want you to be my last kiss. I want to end up with you. I know I have hurt you enough and I don’t deserve this chance but then we both love each other and we both need each other. ” his lips trembled. he wanted to say so many things but then the only thing he could say was,

“I am sorry”

he loosened the grip on her hand and allowed her to go. but there was something she still wanted to protect, she didn’t want to leave as yet. they both stayed there like that, none convinced to move.

“Don’t wait for me. I might leave again.” , his eyes were teary and all she could do was to agree. yes, he was in a bad habit of leaving. she had nothing to trust him for. he ruined everything.

she took a step back and turned to leave. with every step that she took it felt like one piece of his heart was getting stomped. he held the chair to support himself when he saw her feet stop. he stood straight again as she gently turned back. he ran towards her and hugged her and whispered, “I love you”

she hugged him back and their heartbeats matched. the music was complete. the story found its happy ending. and he, he found his perfection in this imperfect, flawed and mad world.


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