Dear Bestfriend

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Dear Bestfriend

Dear Bestfriend,
I hate you, I hate you for knowing me so well and yet loving me so much. I hate you because my mother trusts you more than me sometimes. No one, I repeat no one has annoyed me as much as you but then no one has loved me this much either.
I know I nag a lot. I have new crushes every day. I never listen to you and then cry in your arms when things do not work out. You know I have never been very good with emotions, you have handled all my mood swings over these years, I have shouted at you for nothing and still you are there to support me through everything. You are everywhere, the good, the bad, the crazy and the mad. A life without you? That won’t be a life at all. You have done so many drastic things for me that I can’t even believe. When you made clear to everyone that I matter to you more than anything else in the world. When you saved money to buy me a lot of chocolate. When you didn’t leave my side for a minute after my break up. You are the best bestfriend in the history of bestfriends.
I can’t let anything harm you. I can’t ever see cry. I hate it when someone hurts you and I hate your ex more than you. I don’t say this every day, but that is because I know that you know it and understand it, I love you. So, let’s promise today, we will always fight without a proper reason. You will always try to please me with senseless jokes when I am sad. I will always call you useless while making you do all the work and that you will always love me this much because dear bestfriend, without you I am incomplete and you mean the world to me.


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