Being masi

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Being masi

I thought I was still a child until I saw him for the first time. I remember how in that nursery there were many tiny babies but none made me feel like he did. I saw him and time stopped. I felt tears forming in my eyes as he moved slowly in that cot. He was all pink, naked! And yes, I was his Masi. All of a sudden the world became more beautiful than it was.

Everything related to him became important to me. His bottles need to be clean and sterilized. He needs to have milk of the right temperature, not a tad bit hot or cold. I can’t ever forget how special his first step was. It felt like I achieved something. When he would respond or try to speak, there was a huge sense of victory in me. Maybe I don’t understand as much as his mother and father, maybe I can’t pamper him like many, maybe I can’t ever know his needs like his nani. But I have my role, I am his mate and when he calls me that, everything is perfect. I remember how I waited for this day badly. When he would say Masi. I felt so jealous when he took everyone’s name but not mine. It was somewhere in July 2014 that he finally said Masi.

I was happy but it was the time to be happier. The news of her appearing in our life knocked and well I was scared. Yes, the first thing I felt was fear. What scared me was, what if Adwit could never accept another child sharing our love and attention. He was not even 3. How can I ever expect him to be so understanding? But then as days passed, excitement overpowered the fear. And finally, she was here. My little princess!

I was more prepared this time. I didn’t cry. I was just over the top happy. Holding her was as special as holding Adwit and now I was little more sure that I won’t ever be partial towards any of them. That I was capable of loving them both together.

The beauty of that moment well was not what I learned but what I saw Adwit did. He suddenly grew up and I just saw my little Adwit, my kid taking care of his doll, his Anvi. He was so excited that she would tie a rakhi on his hand. He was so excited to just see her. I felt content. The moment was complete. Complete!

Being a Masi is a very different phase of life I believe. When their needs are yours. When getting angry only leaves you guilty. When being patient is sometimes a task but on the others, their smile is enough. The way they look at you with trust, like you cannot do any wrong to them; It makes you believe more in yourself. I remember there were times I was upset and confined to bed but then I would pick up my phone and look at their pics. And hey, worries?? Sorrows?? They can be taken care of.

I can’t ever put into words how much they mean to me and how much I love them. Because it’s something you have got to feel to know. It’s just that, to know how amazing it is to be a Masi, u need to be one😜😜

Pragati Verma



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