All I need is some light

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All I need is some light

All I need is some light.

Horizons, illusions and foggy sights,
just few fancy words to hide the truth in the lies.
What do you want to know? Where do I get this flawless smile?
Its a story you won’t know.
Baby you are too futile.
But since you tried, I will answer,
Did you hear about the secret midnight dancer?
On her satin satin skin she used to wear a black band,
It was just a trap everyone failed to understand.
She let the her legs tear down every night,
She disappeared among the laughing faces as the sun shone bright.
She shouted, she cried but never stopped the drill,
No one figured out what pains she wanted to kill.
Oh, you still don’t know the answer, do you?
I told you a lie to make you blue.
But maybe this is how I hide the ugly game,
A little laugh, a pun and no one remembers what happened to the dame.

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