A walk?

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A walk?

She wrapped herself in a warm blanket and grabbed her mug of coffee. the raindrops crept down slowly on the glass pane. Beyond the window, in the garden, she saw him playing with the dog.

“Bruno get the ball!”

She smiled as she saw both of them covered in mud all over playing happily. she could not put her stare off them when he suddenly noticed he was being stared at. He had the ball high in his hand and the dog was trying to grab it but he was lost. he looked at the girl behind glass who was now really uncomfortable. She rubbed her neck and looked here and there to pretend that she was never looking at him. he smiled at her nervousness and then ran inside his house with his dog. she took a deep breath.

She stood up from her chair and went to the kitchen. she took out the jar of Nutella and then placed herself on the marble slab in the kitchen. She poked a finger in the jar and ate like a 2-year-old kid. it was her guilty pleasure.

Well, there was one more, staring at him from her window everyday. he, the greek god! they were neighbors from past 5 years and she never dared to even wave at him. he was indeed handsome and full of life. every evening he used to play with his dog in his garden and she used to watch him from her hiding. he caught her many times though but each time he would just smile and look away.

She finished yet another jar of Nutella thinking about her innocent love.


The next day

She was back at the window with her mug of steaming hot coffee. she waited for him to come but well he didn’t. It never happened before. She felt bad. after waiting for an hour or so she stood up and closed the curtains in disappointment. she went to the living room. she switched on the television when she heard the doorbell. She lazily got up and opened the door. Her jaw dropped and her mouth fell open.

“Your curtains never went down before this.”, he said.

She was too nervous to talk. It was really difficult to absorb that he was here, to talk to her! She blushed like an idiot and stared at him in silence.

“Well, amm, a walk?”, he asked nervously.

“I wish we take Bruno along.” , She said with a big smile.

A laugh was shared; a friendship was born. She had no more time to stare at them, now she played with them. But yes, often they stopped to stare each other and then as the silence started to surround them he would break the glass and say,

“a walk?”


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